vk6ad.net website

VH-OLD landing at Langley Park

Welcome to my personal website

I’ve created this particular page just to avoid error messages from the server from having no website on this domain name. This domain name is based on my ham radio callsign VK6AD.

My main distractions are with flying and maintaining my 2-seat Vans RV-6 aircraft, building a Vans RV-7, frequently babysitting grandchildren and generally trying to be a good husband, parent and granddad.

You can see some of my recent flights at https://flightaware.com/live/flight/VHDUO.

I also spend too much time working on other websites, in particular www.sabc.org.au, www.lpm.me and familytree.lpm.me.

You can reach me at philipmaley@gmail.com.