Aviation Update – 2014

This year I am treasurer or the Sport Aircraft Builders’ Club of WA (Inc). (Less time for maintaining and building aircraft.)
Bernie, my great mate who used to look after maintenance on the Tripacer, died.
We have a new granddaughter and lots of babysitting duties (less time for maintaining and building aircraft.)
And a few other important things going on which all conspire to rob the building and maintaining time.

The RV fuselage firewall, main wing carry-through bulkheads and aft fuselage are all largely assembled. There are some troublesome rivets in the lower corners of the aft fuselage that refuse to squeeze properly. I blame Leonie’s poor eyesight and the awkward position but the real reason is probably too many distractions.

The Tripacer hasn’t flown for almost two years now.


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